Before I had my baby, breastfeeding was on the forefront of my mind a lot. I wanted so badly for it to work out for me and my baby, but was nervous about some of the issues that arise for some mothers. Natalie was very gracious in counseling me even before my baby’s birth. She showed me techniques, taught me about the benefits, and really helped to set my mind at ease. I knew that having someone like her by my side as I needed her would be so helpful and comforting. Her passion and knowledge on the subject matter is evident from the moment you meet her. I’m so grateful for her and her business and recommend these services to anyone who has anxiety about their success in breastfeeding, as well as any new mother. It is a tough thing to master for most, and I can’t think of a more valuable asset than having an educated lactation counselor at your disposal to guide you through this amazing time in the beginning of your journey through motherhood! My experience thus far has been very successful and I love sharing this bonding time with my baby. Thank you!!
— Lindsay C.
My wife was determined to make breastfeeding a success for her & our newborn daughter, but was having concerns about whether or not our baby girl was latching correctly, getting enough milk, and was also experiencing some pain while breastfeeding. We are so fortunate to live in a community that has support for breastfeeding mothers with the Milky Mermaid. Megan came to our home & worked with my wife, addressing all her concerns and helping my wife achieve her goal of breastfeeding our newborn. Megan is extremely professional & brought a great energy to a delicate situation. 1 week has passed since Megan has been here & its like a whole new world. My wife is easily able to successfully get our daughter to latch, and her pain is no longer causing her extreme discomfort + each day gets better & better because the proper latch is now being achieved. The Milky Mermaid helped our family through such a hard time & we are forever grateful for their services. I highly recommend the Milky Mermaid for anyone looking for assistance with breastfeeding
— Wayne L.
I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Natalie. She is both passionate and extremely knowledgeable about breastfeeding. She helped me tackle issues such as positioning and engorgement. She provides care in a calm and confident manner and I felt very comfortable with her. I would highly recommend her for lactation consultation services
— Marian G.
I struggled with clogged ducts and mastitis on multiple occasions throughout my breastfeeding journey. Natalie helped me so much by offering support, guidance, and the much-needed encouragement to not give up despite the challenges. I learned how to listen to my body and detect the warning signs before my symptoms worsened and in the end, was able to provide my little boy with breastmilk until he was 18 months old. :)
— Miranda Z.
Megan took the time to listen to me and my needs without judgement. She was easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable, especially since the consult was taking place in my own home. She made a suggestion and solved one of my biggest breastfeeding issues I was having in one session and will be forever grateful!
— Emily P
I would highly recommend The Milky Mermaid to anyone who is having trouble with breastfeeding. I love that Megan was able to come to my home, and work with me and my son. I felt so much better about working on breastfeeding after her visit
— Marian M.
As a first time mom, Natalie’s lactation services gave me the confidence and knowledge to really embrace breastfeeding. There were times that breastfeeding felt challenging and intimidating — her continued support and availability became a priceless resource. I am so happy and proud that I stuck with it and truly credit it all to the Milky Mermaid’s services!
— Lauren F.
The Milky Mermaid has been a huge help in my breastfeeding journey. I would highly recommend the prenatal class and the in home consults. We felt a lot more prepared for our first child after the prenatal class. Megan at the The Milky Mermaid is a wonderful help at the in home consults and Natalie is very timely and helpful with responses and information. Highly recommend their services!!
— Mason T

We really appreciate your support and feedback. Our hope is to let other breastfeeding families recognize the value that a lactation consultant provides. We would love to hear from you! Thoughts, feelings, vibes?

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