Breast Pumps and Baby Weigh Scales

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The Medela symphony

Hospital grade pumps pick up where other pumps stop, but they can be expensive! Call us to minimize your financial risk by renting the Medela Symphony Breast pump by the month or by the week. Give yourself a pat on the back if you kept your pump kit from the hospital or any other Medela pump - it will fit the Symphony and you won't need a new one! Don't worry if you didn't though, we have them available for purchase and you can receive them with your pump. Pumps can be picked up or dropped off for a small convenience fee! If the pump is delivered, we will include a pump education session and helpful tips to help you along your pumping journey. 

Pump pricing:

  • Bi-weekly: $50
  • Monthly: $75
  • One month rental deposit required. You will get this back in full after pump return. 
  • Delivery rates determined based on your location.
  • Pump education includes set up, instructions on use, flange fitting, cleaning and breast milk storage instructions with hand outs. 

express in-home Baby Weigh appointments

If you are concerned that your baby is not gaining adequate weight having a weight check can give you the peace-of-mind to keep your sanity. Sometimes that is what really gives you the confidence to keep moving forward in your Breastfeeding journey. You even get to avoid potentially picking up germs at the pediatrician's office since we will bring our scale to your home for just $50. Baby weigh scales give you weights in grams (and pounds and ounces) so you know exactly where you and your baby stand. 

We also offer the following retail items to help along your breastfeeding journey: 

  • Medela Symphony Pumpkit
  • Pumpin' Pal Flanges
  • Supplemental Nursing Systems
  • Special Needs feeders (150ml and 80ml)
  • Hydrogels and Nursing pads (disposable and cotton)
  • Medela Pump N Style breast pump
  • Calma bottles
  • Pump storage bags, pump membranes, sanitizing steam bags


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Pro tip: Did you know that using the correct size flange can have a huge impact on how much milk you pump? Using flanges that are too large (or too small) can reduce the amount of milk you get per pumping session and cause unnecessary discomfort. Many moms are also surprised to find out their flange size can change, just like a bra size, as your body changes postpartum.